New blog for relinux

I have been working on the new relinux website for a bit (for a break of fixing OSWeaver bugs non-stop), and I have finally finished a basic blog for it. It’s still in alpha, but it should do the trick for now. URL of the website: Website was built with Jekyll, with bootstrap for the base CSS/JS (with my own additions, of course :P).

Here is a screenshot of the new website:

Let me know what you think of the new website (on the website, of course).

If I do not have any more issues with Jekyll or Github Pages, this might be the last post on this blog (all new posts will be posted on the blog)!


8 Responses to New blog for relinux

  1. Igor Barinov says:

    looking forward to the software finally to become available. sticking to Remastersys for now…
    nice looking site, not worth much with empty download section, though…

  2. Felt says:

    Any news? 😦

  3. dave says:

    Any progress about the project? 😦

  4. GORO says:

    Hey dude I can’t generate iso in the latest relinux. Why?

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