Random progress update

Most of my work now is slightly less public (under the “testing” branch of relinux), but nonetheless, there is still a lot of work getting done.  I’m spending nearly all my efforts working out the main OSWeaver module (the one that generates the ISO), and progress is going great. Compared to relinux 0.3, the speed of the SquashFS part (minus the SquashFS generation) is 2-3 times as fast (and this is on a dual-core VitrutalBox machine)! There are other things that are done too, such as Python3 support, a splash screen (which, IMHO, looks nice), and Unicode support.

Anyways, this means that if progress continues on going this well, relinux 0.4 should be done in a couple of weeks 😀


2 Responses to Random progress update

  1. just touching base, your website is throwing a dns error and this is newest place I could find to post, wordpress is still up, but relinuxkit.org is broken.

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