Website is a WIP

I’m just writing this post to let you know that the new website ( is still being developed, so please excuse any oddities you may encounter for now 😉


8 Responses to Website is a WIP

  1. user says:

    I am facing always problems with Remastersys… So I’m waiting for updates of re-linux 🙂 Witing for a stable version which I can egt my custom ISO of Ubuntu 12.04 😀

  2. Ikjoel can you help me with relinux installation? I download the tar.gz . now?? Thanks.

    • Open up a Terminal window (usually in the Accessories menu, or you can search for it on the Dash), then copy and paste this inside (change /path/to/relinux according to where relinux was downloaded, usually Firefox and Chrome download to ~/Downloads):

      cd /path/to/relinux
      mkdir relinux && cd relinux
      tar -xf `echo "relinux*.tar.gz"|tr ' ' '\n'|head -1`
      sudo cp -R usr etc /

      If you don’t understand the code above, cd changes directories, mkdir creates a directory, that fancy command with backticks finds the first downloaded version of relinux, and sudo lets you become root (needed for copying directories to /).

  3. Themi says:

    First thanks for your job! 🙂 a remaster application is needed by many Linux users and we are waititng for your 0.4 version…

    But are you still develop relinux? Here: Last Modified date is 2012-01-21.

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