Website is a WIP

I’m just writing this post to let you know that the new website ( is still being developed, so please excuse any oddities you may encounter for now 😉


Development update

I have been extremely happy about the progress of relinux in the past few days, as relinux is getting hooked up really quickly! Though many personal issues prevented me from working on relinux for the past week, the two days I was able to program certainly made up for the many days I couldn’t.

On a side note, Ko Ye and I have been working on DNSing to Let us know what you think!

Plugin system is underway!

It was one of my ideas to make relinux 0.4 modular, and with the help of  the “imp” python module, a plugin system is now being developed!

This means that if you only want a certain module of relinux, you don’t have to install the whole program, you can just install that one module. It also means that any developers who want to write an extra part of relinux don’t have to maintain a fork; they just have to maintain their plugin.

As always, you can check the progress here: