Some ideas we had

In the last few months, we were thinking about stopping relinux and starting a new project (we then cancelled the idea afterwards), but we had a few different ideas for the other project, so I’d like to share some of them with you.

  1. Web interface for collaboration. This would mean that the computer building the ISO was actually a server and sent SSH and VNC access to the website, where all the collaborators could work on the system. This, of course, has its downfalls, but I think it’s a good concept.
  2. As we were experimenting with more resource-hungry and heavyweight languages (Java and Ruby), we were thinking of using a different way of making the ISO. Instead of doing all of the configuration on the system who makes the ISO, we were thinking of having another machine do all of the work, generate a “custom weaver” (i.e. the tool that makes the ISO), and run that on the machine that generates the ISO. Again, this has its downfalls, and it will probably not land in relinux.
  3. Make all communications from the ISO generator to the interface (GUI or TUI) utilize sockets. This idea was killed pretty soon as it is totally overkill. We replaced this by using common variables that keep on getting changed by the threads.
  4. Threading. As I mentioned 2 posts ago, threading will be included in 0.4 (I hope even in the first alpha, but might be delayed).

If you have any ideas, let us know!


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