Update on rewriting the codebase

So now I’ve started to write the new codebase for relinux (you can see my progress here: https://github.com/MiJyn/relinux/commits/). Though there are many technical changes, there are a couple of changes that will be rather obvious. First, it will use smart threading. This theoretically means that it will run as fast as the number of free CPU’s you have (so if you have 2 free CPU’s, relinux will run 2x faster). But relinux has only one section that can multithread, so this will not really affect the speed that much (might run 25-50% faster). Second, relinux will be split up into many different tools, as opposed to only having relinux and wubick. One new tool that will probably be made is a way to change Ubiquity (the installer). It will allow you to add new screens, change existing screens etc…

Anyways, sorry for the short and badly formatted post. Back to coding 😉


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