Timeline draft

I made a timeline for relinux in my head a long time ago, but for some reason I never got around to sharing it. So here it is:

  • 0.1: initial release + basic functions
  • 0.2: actual first release (with full functions)
  • 0.3: feature release
  • 0.4: rewrite the whole codebase
  • 0.5: port to other official distros (fedora, debian, gentoo, etc…)
  • 0.6: feature release (finish up features from 0.4)
  • 0.7: TBD
  • 0.8? 0.9?
  • 1.0: TBD, something awesome πŸ˜€

4 Responses to Timeline draft

  1. Great meerkat, how to support this project? I’m just a newbie in linux and very interesting with your ideas.

  2. Puneet Singh says:

    hi meerkat, i am curious on release of 0.5 version(for RHEL/CentOS)
    any tentative release date ?

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