Terrible news

EDIT: This information is probably not relevant anymore. Relinux 0.4 development is fast, and unless licensing issues get out-of-hand, 0.4 will be released.

I know that many people are waiting for relinux 0.4, but we are not sure if we can make it. I know that we will make a new version of relinux, but it may be the stable version of 0.4.

We are getting a lot of criticism for not including the © symbol before Tony’s name in the script. We are debating on either to make 0.3 final, fix the issues, and add the © symbol before his name, simply go with our other plan (which will be kept private for now, until we are sure that we will use it), or both.

We are extremely sorry for this, but we are developing an awesome new codebase (completely different from relinux and remastersys), and it will accomplish most of its goal (an easy way to make a professional-looking OS).

Thank you for your patience, and we hope that this will be resolved soon :).


13 Responses to Terrible news

  1. Sam says:

    Did you suggest any alternatives that can make ISO Ubuntu ? I know there are many backup applications about backup but i need make an ISO…

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous Meerkat says:

      I’m not fully understanding your question. The 0.4 version of relinux will exist, but it may not be in relinux. We will keep you up-to-date on where it will exist.

      • Sam says:

        What do you mean exactly 0.4 will exist, but it will not be in relinux ?

      • Anonymous Meerkat says:

        We will probably discontinue relinux in favor of another project we are working on now. For users, this simply means to update their bookmarks 🙂
        We would have continued relinux, but we have too many problems with the “name”, so we will make a new project, removing any problems we had before. I know this sounds dumb, and it is.
        Please be patient as we try to sort things out 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    Remastersys project has been reloaded… What did you think about it ? 😀

  3. selami says:

    What is going on about this project at them moment?

    • Anonymous Meerkat says:

      We are working on it a lot, and it’s going extremely well, but we cannot disclose what we are going to do with the project yet.

  4. takien says:

    hello, how can I remaster debian using relinux
    please help. thank you

    • Anonymous Meerkat says:

      We are going to add that feature in a few versions :). First, we have to fix the bugs, then add the GUI, then we add cross-linux support.

  5. Niclas Moeslund Overby says:

    Any news?

  6. Adrian says:

    But please, can you chain a cli installer, other than ubiquity? Because ubiquity pulls A LOT of deps by default.

    • Anonymous Meerkat says:

      I’m not sure which release this is going to land on (it is high in our priority list though). It might be one of the (little) features that is going to land on 0.5 because of force

  7. Igor says:

    Any news for us?

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