FAQ about relinux and it’s relation to remastersys

I had many people ask me questions about relinux and it’s relations with remastersys, so I decided to put in a little FAQ here. I hope this can answer some of your questions.

  • Q: Why did you fork remastersys in the first place?
    • A: First off, when I started developing relinux, remastersys’s last update was somewhere near the end of 2009 (with a repo change near the end of 2010), and it had many bugs in it. It was also because remastersys branded the system as a remastersys system (anyone who has used remastersys a lot could figure out which systems use it). And it was not very configurable.
      I talked to Tony (the author of remastersys) about the fact that the system was branded as a remastersys system, and he simply said that he had no sympathy for the people who wanted to make their system look like as if it had not been done with remastersys.
  • Q: Why didn’t you just help out remastersys?
    • A: We had different goals, and, as I wrote above, he wasn’t developing it, so I had no interest of reviving a dead project. Also, I didn’t like the “money” atmosphere of remastersys:

      “If you want access to support for remastersys dist mode you will need to become a special member. (…) To become a special member, just donate $50US (…) This will give you 1 year of access to the Priority Distribution Mode Support area (…) If you can only afford $25US then you will get 6 months of access to the dist mode support area”

      I don’t like this atmosphere, so I’d hate to encourage it, and work in it.

  • Q: I read that he said that you forked remastersys without saying it. Is this true?
    • A: Yes, it’s true. I never said I forked it. I said that it was based on remastersys. The difference between both? I have no idea.
  • Q: Does relinux follow the GPLv2 license of remastersys?
    • A: It technically didn’t (though the error was not intentional, neither was it huge, forgot to add that it was copylefted, but seriously, isn’t that redundant? Any GPL program is by definition copylefted), but this got fixed in 0.3a3. I am very sorry for not doing this sooner, it was a mistake on my part.

    Q: Are they competing projects?

    • A: No. They are similar, but very different in their code base, and in their goal.

2 Responses to FAQ about relinux and it’s relation to remastersys

  1. Geoffrey Db says:

    Great article. Thank you.

  2. Sismano says:

    no questions anymore!… waiting for stable version… 🙂

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