Rewriting relinux 0.4 again

EDIT: I have written about this in newer post, but for those of you who came here from Google or by a direct link, relinux 0.4 is actually being written in Python instead (which makes this the 4th or 5th language change, and yes, I am quite indecisive).

I’ve started rewriting relinux 0.4 in BASH instead of C++, but it will be much faster than the old version (about as fast as if I had written it in C++). All of the designs will be implemented, so it will have a GUI and a TUI (GUI will be made in C++, and we are still deciding for the TUI).

The source code will be much easier to read too, as it’s going to be splitted into different parts. The main file will simply parse the configuration file (yes, the new design will be implemented), then run the correct program (either the CUI, or whichever function needed).


3 Responses to Rewriting relinux 0.4 again

  1. Big notice this.

    Thanks for the great work

  2. Geoffrey Db says:

    Thanks, we’re curious.

  3. Happy new year…. 😉

    I’m very interested to see/ test relinux. Thx for the good job.

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