New relinux mockup!

Thanks to Ko Ko Ye (koothara), there is a new mockup for the interface of relinux 0.4.

Old interface:

relinux main window

relinux main window

New interface (sorry, I was using a different computer, and the reason why you can’t see the window border is because it was just a mockup):

relinux main window

Which one do you like better?


10 Responses to New relinux mockup!

  1. Geoffrey Db says:

    The new one! Very clear and a possibility to add even more options. Great work.

  2. portarohn says:

    The theme of boot process like plymouth on ubuntu is configurable on Relinux?

    Porbably i can test this soft on my project and give a test distro for your soft.

  3. Sam says:

    I look everyday for news here. I am really thankfulness on developers here. I am waiting since this project started. I need to know when this project will became enough to backup Ubuntu 11.10 as a (installable) live CD ?

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous Meerkat says:

      Relinux 0.4 will have an option to force including anything, so you could include /home. It will not save the usernames installed on the system, but it will keep their data.

      I hope this answers your question!

      • Sam says:

        I did not understand exactly. But can you please tell me when (about) you will release a stable version of this project? (at least a stable version which works for Ubuntu 11.10)

        Thank you!

      • Anonymous Meerkat says:

        Once 0.4 is out, it will be improved to be stable.
        What is the problem you are having?

      • Sam says:

        I don’t have any problem. I am just waiting to use this relinux.

        Thank you!

  4. gthemean says:

    Looking good. I tryed out the current version to make a Linux Mint install disk. Worked perfect. Looking forward to the next release.

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