We need a new domain!

EDIT: Thanks to Ko Ye, we now have a domain (relinuxkit.org)!

Last post, I talked to you about the new website for relinux. Today, Ihsan Salam (the guy who set up the website) told me that the domain extension was blacklisted by many popular websites, including Google! He just learned that today.

If anyone could donate a domain, it would be extremely appreciated. The domains I was looking at was relinux.it, relinuxkit.org or relinuxk.it.

Please contact me at lkjoel@ubuntu.com if you are interested in donating a domain. We would all be extremely happy for that!


2 Responses to We need a new domain!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hmm… Your project looks interesting to me… If your need is still actual, I would like to help you with the domain, hosting (if needed) and the website (using my own CMS, much faster and reliable than Drupal or WordPress). I have more than 10 years of programming experience, including 3 years experience of web-programming (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX)…

  2. arief says:

    Hello, Your project is awesome for me , before i have one address for hosting the website from my friends this http://www.idhostinger.com/ free hosting with Space 2GB, Bandwidth 100GB
    PHP and MySQL, Site Builder
    no ads or banner ,may be you’ll be try it. that site use indonesian language

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