Interesting news about Ubiquity

There is something interesting going on with Ubiquity. Look at this:
$ sudo apt-cache depends ubiquity
Depends: <ubiquity-frontend-2.9.7>
Replaces: ubiquity-frontend-gtk

This means that the GTK frontend is already included in the ubiquity package, but older versions are separate. If you have any problems with the installer, send a bug report, giving the output of this command:
dpkg -l ubiquity*

EDIT: Ubiquity < 2.9.6 does not have this problem, only Ubiquity >= 2.9.6 has it.


2 Responses to Interesting news about Ubiquity

  1. jfdesign says:


    where is exactly your forum url ?
    i like this relinux utility and want to ask about some questions.
    1. why relinux create new user and rename my default user unto /home1/user on livecd session
    2. why ubiquity needs password when executing (although is a blank password)
    3. can i make my changes persistence especially my home/user folder as a default user ?

    thank you for your work. šŸ˜€

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