New relinux mockup!

Thanks to Ko Ko Ye (koothara), there is a new mockup for the interface of relinux 0.4.

Old interface:

relinux main window

relinux main window

New interface (sorry, I was using a different computer, and the reason why you can’t see the window border is because it was just a mockup):

relinux main window

Which one do you like better?


We need a new domain!

EDIT: Thanks to Ko Ye, we now have a domain (!

Last post, I talked to you about the new website for relinux. Today, Ihsan Salam (the guy who set up the website) told me that the domain extension was blacklisted by many popular websites, including Google! He just learned that today.

If anyone could donate a domain, it would be extremely appreciated. The domains I was looking at was, or

Please contact me at if you are interested in donating a domain. We would all be extremely happy for that!

New beta website for relinux!

Thanks to Ihsan Salam, relinux has got a new website, with it’s own server! It’s powered by Drupal instead of WordPress.

Here it is:

It will be the default website for relinux >= 0.4.

EDIT: This website is no longer used. Use instead.

Deadline for relinux 0.4 is REMOVED

I’m sorry about the news. It doesn’t mean that we will just get lazy, it means that we will work harder to make it better. It will be much faster than relinux 0.3, and it will contain a load of new features.

New splash screen for relinux 0.4

As some of you may know, I’m not an artist at all, so I’ll need help with this. Anybody up for making a new default splash screen? It has to be 640×480, 72 PPI, and it has to contrast with white text and a brown highlight color. Please do not use photos, and of course, keep it reasonable and appropriate.

Email it to me at

Screenshots of relinux 0.4 Qt Interface

Here are some screenshots of the relinux 0.4 Qt Interface (As you can see, it’s minimalistic, and¬† it doesn’t take a lot of screen space):

Interesting news about Ubiquity

There is something interesting going on with Ubiquity. Look at this:
$ sudo apt-cache depends ubiquity
Depends: <ubiquity-frontend-2.9.7>
Replaces: ubiquity-frontend-gtk

This means that the GTK frontend is already included in the ubiquity package, but older versions are separate. If you have any problems with the installer, send a bug report, giving the output of this command:
dpkg -l ubiquity*

EDIT: Ubiquity < 2.9.6 does not have this problem, only Ubiquity >= 2.9.6 has it.