How to help relinux

If you really like relinux, and you want to help out, here are some ways you can help:

  • Advertising. Nothing complicated is necessary, just word of mouth.
  • Bug reporting. Please report bugs to:
  • Testing. I’ll write a section on this, as this will change a lot.
  • Feature requests. If you have any new features in mind for relinux, send it to:
  • Packaging. This is for any system other than Debian and Ubuntu. Please package the correct version for it. Up to now (relinux 0.3 and relinux 0.4), there is no support for any system other than Ubuntu (not even Debian).
  • Coding. Relinux >= 0.4 is coded in Python (Tkinter for the GUI). Just fork, and once you have done the code you wanted to submit, simply make a pull request. Please make a pull request for each feature/bugfix (instead of combining them all into one).
  • Anything else you can think of doing!
If you want to package or code, please send me an email at lkjoel[ a  T ] or mijyn[ a  T ] (replace [ a  T ] by @).

10 Responses to How to help relinux

  1. wei2912 says:

    For a debian version of relinux, unless there is a copy of remastersys for debian, we need to write a new script.

    • Anonymous Meerkat says:

      Not at all! Relinux 0.4 will be coded in C++, and all of it’s functions will be in a header file. All that we need is to change the values (which will be accomplished in another header file)!

      • wei2912 says:

        Is that it? I remembered that there was a version of remastersys for debian. I’m relieved at that fact. 🙂

      • Anonymous Meerkat says:

        I think that the original developer of remastersys didn’t know about the native debian installer 🙂

  2. Gert says:

    I am using Relinux to demonstrate our software. I am a software developer, C/C++/Java and a lot more. If you need any help please let me now. I don’t have a lot of extra time, but I think the project is worth investing in.

    Good job so far!

  3. RJ45 says:

    Great work. I love relinux. Thank you

  4. d says:

    I’m want help to you with translation to Spanish languaje, it’s possible?

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