Good news for CLI users of relinux 0.4!

We will have an Ncurses interface on the CLI (Command Line Interface) of relinux! So no more geeky terminal output, but a nice and slick interface!

I’m working on a library (EZ Ncurses) to make the usage of Ncurses easier, so development is really sped up (not mentioning that we have another programmer in our team, making a team of 4 people working on this, with 2 contributers)!


Update on relinux progress

Development is resumed (I’ve finally found the solution to the bug), and relinux 0.4 will be released in a couple of weeks!

Relinux is now documented using Natural Docs, and the header file has nice functions, usable by other programs.

New logo for relinux!

Thanks to Ihsan Salam -Ihsan Jaafar, relinux now has a logo!

If you didn’t see it already, here it is:

  • Full:
    • Relinux Logo

      Relinux Logo

  • Square:
    • Relinux Square Logo

      Relinux Square Logo

Thanks a lot Ihsan!

Relinux header file update

I’ve been working heavily on the relinux.h file to create a static library for our interfaces. It’s now documented (thanks to Natural Docs), and it is almost finished.

I still can’t figure out the /etc/group bug, so that is primarily why development is stalled.

Need logo for relinux

I’ve been trying to make a logo for relinux, but I’m not very good at art.

If you are interested in helping to make a logo for relinux, please email me at I’ll give you more information on what I think would be nice for it. I’ll add you as a contributer, and give you a sincere thanks 😉


Relinux Feature – Virtual Environment!

Some of you might not have a spare machine, a VM (like VirtualBox), or a separate partition to run relinux. Now there will  be a feature to create a system from any box! This will let you control the system like as if it was your own, without any RAM dealing problems like VM’s have.

Here is the Blueprint page:

How to help relinux

If you really like relinux, and you want to help out, here are some ways you can help:

  • Advertising. Nothing complicated is necessary, just word of mouth.
  • Bug reporting. Please report bugs to:
  • Testing. I’ll write a section on this, as this will change a lot.
  • Feature requests. If you have any new features in mind for relinux, send it to:
  • Packaging. This is for any system other than Debian and Ubuntu. Please package the correct version for it. Up to now (relinux 0.3 and relinux 0.4), there is no support for any system other than Ubuntu (not even Debian).
  • Coding. Relinux >= 0.4 is coded in Python (Tkinter for the GUI). Just fork, and once you have done the code you wanted to submit, simply make a pull request. Please make a pull request for each feature/bugfix (instead of combining them all into one).
  • Anything else you can think of doing!
If you want to package or code, please send me an email at lkjoel[ a  T ] or mijyn[ a  T ] (replace [ a  T ] by @).